Baykal BLS-N NEO Fibre Laser Cutting Machines


The Baykal BLS-N NEO CNC Fibre Laser Cutting Machines utilise a new design, high performance class, rack and pinion system to allow high processing speeds while still maintaining positional accuracy. Fibre laser technology offers excellent beam stability over all areas of the cutting table and is capable of processing a range of materials

including copper and brass. Features include a high performance IPG Photonics YLS Fibre Laser Resonator, a Precitec HP SSL Cutting Head and the intuitive Beckhoff TwinCat Touch Screen CNC Control. A shuttle table with a dual pallet changer is standard ensuring maximum productivity.


Why Choose BLS-N NEO?

  • High performance IPG Photonics Fibre Laser Source
  • Fibre optic beam delivery system
  • Precitec Laser Cutting Head with cassette system for quick lens replacement and protective window to ensure maximum lens life
  • 5” and 7.5” lenses
  • Crash protection system for Laser Cutting Head
  • Height sensor controls constant height above the work piece
  • Automatic CNC controlled nozzle cleaning at a set number of pierces prevents spatter build up further enhancing height accuracy
  • Automatic gas selection system from the CNC, controlling the gas selection and pressure for both the cutting and the assist gasses.
  • Programmable high pressure cutting at 25 bar
  • High strength, rigid gantry design with stress relief and precise machining ensures the accuracy of the machine and allows acceleration up to 2G


Model Range    

Capacity/Bed Size 3M x 1.5M 4M x 2M 6M x 2M
2KW Baykal BLS-N 3015/2000 Baykal BLS-N 4020/2000 Baykal BLS-N 6020/2000
3KW Baykal BLS-N 3015/3000 Baykal BLS-N 4020/3000 Baykal BLS-N 6020/3000
4KW Baykal BLS-N 3015/4000 Baykal BLS-N 4020/4000 Baykal BLS-N 6020/4000
6KW Baykal BLS-N 3015/6000 Baykal BLS-N 4020/6000 Baykal BLS-N 6020/6000
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