EAGLE Laser - Nothing Faster.

EAGLE laser cutting machines are designed to meet the highest of the customer expectations. The standard version provides exceptionally high work efficiency, full process automation and low production costs. The EAGLE laser metal cutting machines are based principle of the "Ideal Machine Concept", which is the result of many years of work, the gathering of experience and implementation of new solutions. The composite of the machine body, carbon fiber traverses, linear motors of all axes, eVa cutting head, laser fiber source and super fast pallet changer result in a dynamic machine which reduces downtimes to an absolute minimum.

The ideal machine concept

Thanks to the unique design of the machine and the carefully selected components, dynamic linear motors on all axes, modern composite material body, carbon fiber traverse and EAGLE eVa cutting head, iNspire provides high work efficiency. The iNspire laser cutting machines achieve a positioning speed of up to 350m/min and acceleration of 6g. The iNspire laser models are available with a fiber laser with 1KW to 20KW.

iNspire - Pure technology,
developed by EAGLE
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