About Us

PW Machine Services Limited comprises of the experts within the industry of sheet metal machinery, we are focused on delivering the best fit for you when it comes to your requirements offering fiber laser machine solutions, software solutions and sheet metal storage solutions.

We are working with EAGLE who’s laser machines are manufactured in Poland using top quality components. They focus on designing laser cutting systems based on innovative technologies. Consistently looking for the latest solutions in the industry in order to provide the users of their machines with the convenience of efficient working. EAGLE have become the technological leader in the metal cutting equipment industry within a short period of time.

We offer a range of software, which is tightly integrated to support our customers more effectively at every stage: from cutting to production management. The software is designed and developed by Libellula. Libellula: a company which was born from a long path of constant development and growth that began over 30 years ago as S.I. Engineering and evolved, with the next official transformation to Libellula.

We offer the BÖCKELT TOWER®, this is a smart sheet metal storage solution: From planning to production and on through to installation, including stock management system, offering holistic storage and logistics systems individually tailored to your requirements that optimise your machine runtime. When combined with the BÖCKELT TOWER® management software and a transponder system, the solution becomes an intelligent storage and logistics system that will allow you to stay in full control of your inventory items and their location at all times. With its modular design, the BÖCKELT TOWER® will grow with the requirements that are imposed on it. Our partnership with formidable partners has enabled us to expand the systems into fully-automated solutions if requirements so demand.

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