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The intelligent dynamic power intake system, is the new frontier of suction of dust and industrial gases.

Dynamism is the key feature of ClevAIR, the industrial suction system of gases and dust born from the collaboration between Tama and Libellula.

The astounding innovation of ClevAIR lies in its ability to modulate the suction power of the filtering system, independently and in a dynamic manner. This is achieved thanks to the intervention of the Libellula CAM system, which fully manages and control the operation of the TAMA intake.

Each of dust and gase extraction systems installed on a laser application, plasma or oxyfuel has been developed to act in the most difficult and unfavorable conditions for the entire production cycle.

A major flaw of these standard installations is precisely this approach: if the cutting machines are subjected to operate in tough conditions only during 10% of the overall time of the production cycle, it means that over 90% of the remaining time is active in conditions of oversizing. The oversizing of a suction system for cutting machines brings with it several disadvantages, such as excessive consumption of electrical energy, environmental thermal and compressed air, but also a more rapid deterioration of the filters, a greater mechanical stress and a higher noise level of the plants.

The mission of the partnership between Libellula and TAMA has been to abolish the deficits of the old suction systems, through the creation of an advanced system that reduces energy waste, noise and wear at least 90% of the time during the production cycle.

The best at the service of excellence:
ClevAIR, the suction system of industrial gases and powders, is the result of the design of Tama Air Filtration and Libellula Metal Sheet Software. When two major partners meet, the result is not surprising, and so was it for ClevAIR, too.

TAMA represents the Made in Italy around the world, in the production of systems for purification plants, components and filtering since 1985, while Libellula excels on 5 continents by designing and developing CAD/CAM solutions since 1988 ,in the field of sheet metal working. Today, Libellula Universe is Microsoft certified and is the CAD/CAM system for the world’s most advanced metal sheet.


Savings and excellent results

A dynamic intake system for a laser cutting machine with a 6 kW generator ensures:

  • 70% Electricity savings
  • 70% Savings on compressed air consumption
  • The life of the filtering elements elongated 70%
  • 50% thermal environment energy savings
  • Vibrations and noise reduced by 70%
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