PDF for the Libellula.3D-EDIT

Powerful, efficient and intuitive: this is the 3D-Libellula Editor, the graphic editor for 3D machines designed by Libellula to streamline and, at the same time, enhance the full cutting process.

Libellula 3D-Edit is the software for 3D machines which can make all cutting paths visible, as described by an ISO program.

Immediate reprocessing

The necessity of constant control and the obtaining of the best results are reflected in the Libellula 3D-Editor, thought to pass under the lens previews of routes to be sent to the cutting machine that turn into finished products.

The cutting paths identified by an ISO program can be further improved and subjected to corrections thanks to Libellula 3D-Editor.

Maximum simplification of the correction operations adds the correct part simulation, which once ready, will generate in 3D-Editor environment a new ISO code containing all the made changes.

Detailed display

The interface that the Libellula 3D-Editor proposes was created to allow the user to minimise the correction time. The display is a concentrate of functionality, placed in the hands of the user who may, with just a few clicks, view the model in 3D, rotate or zoom.

Starting from the display, always thinking of optimisation of times and results, you can view the cutting path, user can start the modification on the command bar.

Precise and immediate

Libellula 3D Editor is the tool that excels in the production panorama of 3D machines, with the speed by which you can perform very complex editing operations.

The user through the advanced features available in the editor, can modify the instructions contained in the code, change the axis positions, and translate the paths that the machine has to undertake, acting solely graphically.

The interventions on the ISO program that a user can make, by modifying the characteristics of the final product, concern:

  • Linear movements, rapid or circular
  • Approach to the model or its removal
  • Beginning and end of cutting parameters
  • Start and end of the welding parameters
  • Macro geometry parameters
  • Accuracy level of the holes



Powerful, efficient and intuitive

  • Display in 3D
  • Grid command
  • Display commands of the machine model
  • Indication of the cutting path
  • Program Display
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