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Libellula.CAD represents the new frontier of 3D models designing. Thanks to the intervention of both the most skilled programmers and experienced analysts, and the use of the most up-to-date computer equipments, Libellula.CAD is configured as a powerful and capable software of making 3D models.

As Libellula.CUT, the Libellula.CAD is designed according to the One Click philosophy, the exclusive Libellula philosophy aimed to produce a result with an automatic click. The user can immediately appreciate the innovative potential of this approach during the import operations, as well as when it is essential to exchange data between different modules operating within the Libellula Universe system.

The One Click technology involves the immediacy of transactions: a few seconds are enough to import files or entire nesting procedures to be sent to the sheet metal working software. Speed and quality go in strict connection through Libellula.CAD and Libellula.CUT, with final, exceptional results.

The ISA – Intelligent Shape Analyzer, developed by Libellula engineers is closely related to Libellula.CAD: once you create the model, the ISA technology analyses the shape, cut it into pieces and finds the optimal parameters. Furthermore, by Libellula.CAD, the model switches to the UNFOLD module, which develops in plan a 3D model: transformed into sheet, the project is automatically sent to the cutting software.

Modeling in mixed techniques

The modelling of a three-dimensional product is transformed, thanks to the Libellula.CAD features, in a single creative moment, through which it is possible to design models with different techniques: ruled surfaces, conical, smooth join protrusions, cylinders, cubes, elliptical planes, giving life, in the immediate future ,to a three-dimensional object ready to be processed in the machine.

Sent to unfold and transformed into geometric plane design, the 3D object, with measurements and paradigms, is sent to the CAD/CAM cutting software


The CAD environment comes to life and allows you to

  • Create 2D and 3D templates
  • Produce documentary tables
  • Manage the historic models and parameters
  • Produce advanced dimensioning and variables
  • Set the punching
  • Automatically calculate the developments for pipes, bevel and grooves
  • Photo editing of 3D models
  • Import standard models in SET, STL, IGES and VDA formats
  • Import 3D models in STEP, AP 203/AP214, Parasolid, SAT/ACIS format
  • Specific 2D import


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