PDF for Libellula.HVAC

Libellula.HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) is a design software of parts for air conditioning systems specifically developed to establish itself as the perfect solution for all operators in the ventilation category . This HVAC design system software provides an outstandingly valuable support to any duct producers engaged in ventilation and air conditioning engineering and manufacturing.

Libellula HVAC uses:

  • Library with more than 100 customisable parametric figures
  • CAM environment able to automate the production process

Libellula.HVAC, thanks to its high level of automation, it is extremely simple to handle. Selected one of the available parametric figures, you switch to edit a set of parameters (dimensional and technological). Once you have set the parameters, the next steps are:

  • Creation of the workpiece render (for 3D visualization)
  • Registration of the figures obtained in a production order
  • Automatic creation of corresponding icons
  • Nesting generation and cutting programs (according to the selected machine)
  • Extremely detailed final report


The advantages of Libellula.HVAC system by the duct producers operating in the world of ventilation and air conditioning are multiple, in particular:

  • Ease of use (thanks to the ‘One Click’ method)
  • Comprehensive and versatile library
  • 3D visualisation of details
  • Ability to set custom values for lengths/heights and diameters
  • Total automation of the nesting process
  • Automatic creation of, Nesting, Technology, machine code, Icons report
  • Linear workflow suitable for both designers and standard operators

This HVAC software can be used in the “stand alone” mode, by resorting to the outputs in the DXF/DWG, or in combination with Libellula Universe

The final reports are distinguished by their precision and completeness of the data, to the benefit of the operator. It is a very modern engine that provides the necessary information through the report production.

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