PDF for Libellula.TUBE

Research, versatility and ease of use: Libellula.TUBE is the software for cutting machines designed to program the cutting of tubes and profiles machines in an intuitive and immediate way.

In designing Libellula.TUBE the team of engineers and analysts at Libellula wanted to apply the most advanced technologies to the cutting machines with 4 or 6 rotary axes, with the aim of making almost immediate programming.

The software, in fact, allows the user to import 3D models, both IGES or STEP, in CAD system and launch the programming for the cutting machines by establishing the individual details of the process. Through the interface the user can shape the tube, choose cutting options between automatic and manual. To these functions is added the possibility to generate in a few steps the CN code and shape the required patterns using tools of all kinds and diverse cutting plans.

Parametric tube design: maximum customisation

The design of parametric tubes occurs in real time: user can easily operate, and quickly learn to use the software thanks to the exclusive “Easy-use Experience”.

The visualisation of the model and geometric modifications performed on the entire piece or on particular individual parts is immediate and produces a list of the tools used, with the aim of being able to modify at a later time the individual parameters in a functional manner.

The generated tubes can be of any shape and the tools used are parametric and customisable.

3D simulation and automatic creation PPR: a few moments to view the result and evaluate the details

The 3D simulation model will closely follow the program of the parametric tube, highlighting every detail, and the perfect designed Postprocessors will generate CNC codes for individual cuts.


The user who chooses to program the machines for cutting pipes and profiles using the system Libellula.TUBE system can:

  • Define the type of collision between the machine and the product piece
  • Manage the position of the head when it is above the working range of the machine
  • Calculate the route of the cuts and attacks
  • Set the machine attacks
  • Program the lists of processes
  • Simulate the model in 3D and display the result in post mode Dynamic Processor
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