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Intuitive and easy to understand, intuitive and fast to use: it is Libellula.VIEWER, 3D CAD Libellula viewer, designed to transfer on screen any kind of project, be it 2D or 3D CAD.

Libellula.VIEWER is the CAD system, that every company and industry was looking for, created to transform 3D CAD and DXF/DWG viewing.

Easy to use and inexpensive with superior functionalities

The complexity of a 3D CAD classic viewer disappears in the CAD plan viewer Libellula.VIEWER, whose features are simplicity, functionality and fluidity. 

Libellula.VIEWER has been developed to supply all users who need to visualise CAD projects, but don’t have traditional, expensive and complex 3D Cad system, with an highly efficient but still affordable tool.

Immediacy and power:

The display of 3D CAD is a 3D Viewer or DXF Viewer able to allow immediate visualization of the drawings sent by potential customers who need an estimate of production.

The display of CAD projects in Libellula.Viewer is a powerful aid and, at the same time inexpensive, able to avoid a company expenditure for a software/3D CAD viewer much more expensive and especially complicated to use.

The advantages of CAD Libellula.VIEWER visualisation software:

Special features that make the 3D CAD and DXF Libellula Viewer unique in its kind, are the fluidity and speed of opening processes, as well as the quality and the graphics rendering of the details in the Design view, essential characteristics for all productive reality.


The display commands of Libellula.VIEWER CAD projects transform the software into a very advanced tool.

  • Double zoom: a traditional and a dynamic one
  • ‘Move project’ function
  • Orbit project function
  • Center the view function
  • Turn on shadows and reflections
  • Change background colours

Among the files that Libellula 3D CAD viewer is designed standardly to read, are:

  • DWG
  • DFX
  • OBJ
  • IGES
  • STEP
  • STL

Libellula.VIEWER is the evolution of smart fusion between the best 3D CAD Viewer and DXF Viewer available on the market: chip and easy, but powerful for business purposes


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