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The software for programming cutting machines signed by Libellula is theLibellula.WIZARD, structured to become the best CAD/CAM application for the programming of the cutting machines of any type.

Developed by Libellula engineers and programmers, Libellula.WIZARD has the aim to enclose, in a highly advanced system, the characteristics of the software for programming of laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, oxyfuel cutting machines and waterjet cutting machines.

Its distinguishing feature is, therefore, first and foremost, the versatility of use and the possibility offered to the user, i.e. simultaneously usage on multiple machines in the company.

The three versions of Libellula.WIZARD possess distinctive features that fit the needs of business production, but they share important features such as the ability to be used on touch screen terminals and multi-touch, import DXF/DWGand develop special drawings from a library of templates.

To these specifications are added essential elements to reduce the times of the production cycle, i.e.:

  • Wizard that removes the learning needs: Zero Training
  • Realistic simulation in 3D



Libellula.WIZARD 1:

Single Icon CAD/CAM programming software

The Libellula.WIZARD 1 can be considered as the input configuration of your environment wizard. The software for the programming of the laser cutting machines, plasma, oxyfuel and waterjet, allows you to import DXF/DWG files and arrange them in order on individual sheet to minimize scrap. The software helps the user to optimize the installation times: the operator has the task of indicating the form of the attack and its placement only for the first detailed sheet, the others will be performed in an automatic manner.

The operator has also the task of pointing out the parameters during the cutting path, as well as all the basic parameters for the creation of the product.

Libellula.WIZARD 2:

The CAD/CAM software
with automatic nesting

The second configuration available for Libellula WIZARD provides a further boost to the production process.
The company, in addition to having guaranteed the functions of the first configuration, can exploit WIZARD 2 to generate a list of different parts to be cut, and indicate the respective amounts. The nesting will automatically identify the best positioning of the parts on the sheet to minimize the scraps, while the operator is responsible for identifying the best location of each piece.

Libellula.WIZARD 3:

The CAD/CAM software with nesting and automatic cutting path

The peak between the software for programming of plasma cutting machines, laser, oxyfuel and waterjet is represented by Libellula WIZARD 3, which is a guarantee of nesting and automatic calculation with the highest level cutting path.

The operator intervention is reduced to Zero: the software will select the optimal position of sheet metal and shape of the workpiece, thus filling in the tables with the optimal parameters. With WIZARD 3 technology excels to work in the service of every company.

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