Parameterised to excellence for the cutting machines equipped with bevel head, mod.Bevel is one of the extensions with which it is possible to integrate the exceptional potentiality of Libellula.CUT software.

One of the distinctive features of mod.bevel is the possibility offered to the operator to give life to the CNC code for all machines with bevel head, to which is added the opportunity to manage in a few simple steps specific and diversified cuts.

The charactersitic of the module is in fact, intuitive and efficient management of various types of cutting with tilted angle from the cutting bevel loop to the single bevel cutting, to continue with types of bevel cutting with variation of the angle on the same line, cutting with negative inclination, shoulder, or triple bevel type.

Mod.BEVEL management cannot be separated from the use of Libellula.CAD: it is in the CAD environment , in fact, that the additional module finds its highest expression, because it is here that can be designed and engineered the details of the part to be cut; and it is in CAD that can be found detailed information on the individual bevel angles applied to each cut.

Importing is intuitive and instantaneous: from the level of a project, thanks to the One Click exclusive feature of Libellula software, you can send instructions to the cutting machine, and  just start cutting.


Flexibility and global integration

The additional BEVEL module can work in synergy with the Libellula.CAD system. Its versatility and its ability to collaborate with other systems makes it suitable to:

  • Bevel design elements in CAD
  • Icons display in the library and thumbnails of designed Bevel in 3D

Since the creation of CNC Bevel program to the finished product, the solution that links high-tech systems to maximum accuracy of the result is only one, Mod.Bevel

To these characteristics of use are added the specific ones:

  • Operate in both manual and automatic mode
  • Manage different types of bevel
  • Produce Normal Bevel
  • Create positive Bevel
  • Generating negative Bevel
  • Create shoulder bevel
  • Develop K- bevel and Triple Bevel
  • Realize a cutting bevel loop
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