mod.MULTIMACHINE is the new Libellula software which allows to convert automatically all technologies of different machines, given always the correct PostProcessor. mod.MULTIMACHINE is the result of several years of research by Libellula and it has been created to optimise machines fleet in a company: thanks to this software is possible in fact to prepare projects for more machines with different cutting technologies, removing the necessity to redesign manually each project. Furthermore with mod.MULTIMACHINE is possible to have all PostProcessor ready for all suitable machines.

mod.MULTIMACHINE there is a real conversion of technologies.

mod.MULTIMACHINE can analyse and re-elaborate in a fast and precise way parameters and information which otherwise it would take several working hours. Using the processing already made as example, mod.MULTIMACHINE allows to modify the necessary parameters in order to manage correctly the cutting.

The parameters involved in the conversion are:

  • Cutting lines
  • Lead-in type
  • Piercing type
  • Special functions (Micro-joint, Chiselling, Fillet)

The implementation is done on every layout and the conversion is ready only after overcoming quality check and compatibility:

  • Material and thickness
  • Working field
  • Collision check
  •  Cutting lines check
  •  Lead-in positions

The main technical features are:

  • Work esecution in background queue
  • Execution also for partial work

Possibily to create machines group on base of own requirements

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