Management and production monitoring is essential to optimise the timing of processes, identified by the sheet metal laser cutting software.

Perfectly integrated with Libellula.CUT, the mod.ORDER laser cutting software provides an outstanding support to the most efficient production scheduling of nesting, allowing the company to have an overall, realtime picture about the pieces to be produced or validated.

Creating an intelligent schedule
The task entrusted by programmers to mod.Order is to allow the user to have intuitive compiling lists that are essential to identify the semi-finished products or the ones to be delivered into laser cutting production, whether performed with manual or automatic nesting, programming the work for cutting

Updated supervision
Mod.Order is an efficient supervisory assistant: always updated on the sheet parts completed by manual and automatic nesting, on the quantity of parts to be produced by cutting software, providing reports on materials, thickness, number of orders, contracts and customers.

Human error is eliminated
Mod.Order was designed to allow you to generate bar codes even before putting the product itself into production. The user has, therefore, a reference in the nesting production planning before the finalisation of the product geometry. The management and monitoring of production, as well as  nesting programming, will no longer be subject to human error in transcription and the sending of the codes to the cutting of metal sheets software

Programming of accelerated production nesting
In line with the philosophy of interaction and maximum control, Libellula programmers transformed the programming of the nesting production, whether manual or automatic nesting, in a time when everything is simplified: the mod.Order identifies the presence of similar jobs by providing the necessary input to the cutting of sheet metal software, but also allows you to identify the parts made with manual or automatic nesting, as well as those that must be produced.


Simplified barcodes generation

The matching between the code and the geometry is facilitated: the user will only have to use the mod.ORDER form or recourse to the insertion of the most common CAD files, with simple drug & drop, by sending the command directly to Libellula.CUT cutting software

Management and monitoring of production

  • The  programming of nesting production, as well as the management and monitoring of production as a whole, can be supervised by external ERP, thanks to the integration of the system with the mod.BRIDGE.
  • Timeline always updated to the management and monitoring of production
  • Search for similar manual or automatic nesting jobs
  • Importing data from distinct
  • Nesting Production Planning

Search filter for machined parts from cutting software

Items details to be sent to the sheet metal cutting software

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