An integrated part of Libellula Univers, mod.STORAGE is the management software for sheet metal warehouse that enables you to check and maintain constantly updated the amount of sheets present in the company. The ability to interface with other modules of Libellula Universe, makes this software capable of automatically update itself, working as a unique control system of its kind.

Remnant Management: reducing scrap

In keeping with Libellula philosophy, devoted to excellence, efficiency and maximum optimisation, the mod. STORAGE is designed and developed based on the optimal control in the warehouse management, as well as remnant management.

Knowing the amount of scrap, the results from the working processes suggested by the Libellula.CUT software, minimise sheet metal consumption, with an economic return in terms of maximum high savings.

Real-time reports

mod.STORAGE is the overall view, in real time, on the stock situation. The constant connection between the Libellula modules and the synchronic upgrade ability, transform mod.Storage in the best manager a payroll company can have: attentive, updated and capable of providing, at any time, a detailed report in PDF or Excel file format on the quantity of the materials on the machines in use, on the percentage of scraps available and even a list of raw materials present in the warehouse and in ordering products of those ready to be packed.

mod.STORAGE and Libellula.CUT: a winning combination

The synergy that unites mod.STORAGE to Libellula.CUT is evident in the sheet metal Remnant Management :
while Libellula.CUT provides the amount of sheet metal scrap resulting from each individual machining, mod.STORAGEstores each data in real time allowing the user to have full knowledge of warehouse situation. Productivity is driven to the peak with simple and distinctive results.

The controlling process on which the mod.STORAGE is based in integration with the ERP for supplementing the supervision of all company resources, thus being immediate and always detectable.


Maximum synchronization

  • sheet management synchronised with CAM
  • Integration with ERP production management

Quick search of remnants and sheets using special filters

Display plates engaged in nesting

Maximum performance and control

  • Material location control
  • Supervision of movements affecting each order
  • Management of each kind of scrap
  • Reporting inventory breakdown and minimum stock management
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