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Libellula NeXting is the new, advanced nesting system within which key features such as accuracy, innovation and speed meet as never before to create a software capable of improving the performance of each cutting machine and, consequently to push  the results produced to the maximum levels.

The structure underpinning this advanced software is designed to address the nesting path in order to achieve an unrivalled level of  perfection. The excellence guaranteed by NeXting involves different areas of the industrial production process, among which the geometry of the models: with NeXting layouts and more complex details will be brought under the best nesting path, that’s to say the one which will conclude with the creation of a perfect product from a functional point of view and, at the same time, which will allow the company to save time and money.

Excellence and quality

Libellula NeXting places itself on the market as an absolute protagonist of nesting process.
Its ability to excel is evident in obtaining tangible improvements; compared to the nesting procedures commonly used in industrial processes, NeXting improves the results of a percentage up to 15%, as confirmed by the analysts.

A jump of this kind, made from the nesting process, results in terms of savings and precision within each of the industrial production system.

The efficiency is in the details

The precision in NeXting corresponds to the effective use of the raw material:
These two features, along with the ability to describe the nesting paths on different formats, make this module a high performance one that is delivered into the hands of a company.

These features are added to the ability of importing existing nesting paths, with immediate economic benefits.

Up-to-date technology

For NeXting, Libellula has focused on the latest technologies known in the field of informatics, i.e. those of the 64-bit software, which act on a multicore platform that accelerates the execution of the nesting path, transforming the production in a procedure that has unattainable schedule demands.


The future of nesting is today

  • Using high-performance material
  • Management of complex parts
  • Advanced nesting on any form
  • Nesting on different formats
  • Master plate which minimises the number of different layouts
  • Optimization of resulting scrap


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