Perfect Hole

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The most innovative solution to cut the fixture holes

Resulted from a partnership between Libellula and Thermal Dynamics, Perfect Hole is a revolutionary tool that can perform cutting operations holes ensuring high quality results, through full automatic programming, with no need for further finishing.

The efficiency of the Perfect Hole cutting system avoids, to those who work in the field of mechanical couplings, the need for costly vertical equipment based on:

  • Plasma
  • Numerical controls
  • Specialised software

One of the Perfect Hole strengths is that it allows the immediate use of the cut piece. This is thanks to the possibility to perform cutting with the aid of a controlled cone; the operator still has full liberty to also proceed without it.


The main advantages of Perfect Hole

This automatic programming system for quality cutting, born from the experience and expertise of its producers, is characterised by the advantages of its use:

  • Parts immediately ready for finishing or assembling
  • Considerable time saving
  • Increase in productivity as a result of the elimination of secondary processes
  • Cut holes obtainable with One Click
  • Simplicity of use, total automation
  • Savings from the economic point of view
  • Can be used with any numerical control
  • Optimal pairing with the plasma generator Thermal Dynamics in high definition

Management and production monitoring

Another distinctive feature of Perfect Hole is its ability to automatically adjust various parameters taking into account:

  • Material and thickness
  • Hole size

Once these variables assessed, parameters such as gas type, current drilling methodology, tool radius correction, technique and cutting speed, advance for mowing and torch height, are automatically selected

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