Partner Companies

PW Machines Services Ltd work closely with their partners within the industry.

Working with….

Lister Engineering and Fabrication Limited – a laser machine specialist with Prima Power and Bystronic laser machines, they can provide spare parts, laser servicing, breakdowns, maintenance, machinery sales and decommissioning and commissioning of lasers. They work worldwide.

LEAF also work closely with TTM – TTM Laser is an Italian company specialising in the design and production of laser machines and plants for the cutting and welding of tubes and metal sheets. TTM supplies laser cutting systems and plants tailored to the customer’s requirements. For further details on TTM please contact LEAF.

William Lister +44 (0) 75380 043919

Merlino Engineering s.n.c – Machinery specialist in sales of laser machines, press brakes, punches and other sheet metal machines.

Piero Merlino +39 (0) 3487 832046


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