EAGLE Components

You can adapt the machine to meet your needs

In pursuit of the ideal fiber laser machine

only the absolute best components have been developed or selected. Every single detail has been researched and thought out. Take a close look and see the EAGLE difference.

Components for EAGLE laser cutting machines:

eVa Cutting Head

The cutting head is the most important component in a laser system, and determines both the performance and reliability of the machine.

Pallet Changer

Material changing is often overlooked when the overall production time is being evaluated. A machine as fast as this needs a constant supply. Designed with total production time in mind, the EAGLE pallet changer has the fastest pallet changing in the industry, as shown in the following table. The system is ergonomically designed with 3-sided access in order to make loading and unloading easier for the operator. The pallet changer is completely automatic, and easily integrates with material handling automation.

Composite Material Body

The machine body is made from modern composite material. This type of material has unique mechanical properties:

  • it has a vibration damping factor that is one hundred times higher than that of steel
  • Weatherproof
  • The temperature coefficient is ten times lower
  • High thermal capacity
  • The best basis for linear motors
  • 2 x 2 X-axis carriages for perfect strength, accuracy and durability

The composite body suppresses vibration perfectly, and provides machining accuracy that was previously only reserved for measuring devices. It provides a stable basis for extremely fast and efficient linear motors, preventing vibration during dynamic changes in the cutting head movement direction. It is particularly ideal for manufacturing parts cut from thin and medium thickness steel. This solution is suitable for applications in which very high cutting precision and maximum productivity are required.


Carbon fiber composite has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio which is far superior to that of any metal. The material is capable of withstanding tremendous loads, such as those withstood by aircraft wings, Formula 1 cars and EAGLE machines.
The traverse of the EAGLE has almost perfect rigidity, even at 6G. The weight and the vibration of the bridge have been significantly reduced in order to make such acceleration possible. The performance of the machine is also enhanced by EAGLE’s advanced bridge geometry and mounting configuration.

Linear Motors

Linear motors are is installed as standard in all EAGLE cutters.

Laser Source 1KW to 30KW

The fiber laser is provided by IPG Photonics, the undisputed world leader in the production of sheet metal cutting fiber lasers. IPG’s innovative products are characterized by their very high energy efficiency of more than 50%, higher productivity, reduced operating costs, ease of operation and integration, and compact design. The main features of these laser sources are energy efficiency and reliability.
Fiber lasers have a dynamic power range that allows the beam to focus and maintain a constant position, even after the laser power has been changed.

A wide range of spot sizes can also be achieved by changing the configuration of the optics. These features allow the end user to choose the right power density for cutting different materials with a wide range of thicknesses. IPG fiber lasers are ideal for laser cutting applications.

  • IPG Photonics provide low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.
  • Full integration of the IPG laser and the IPG chiller into the EAGLE diagnostic system
  • Problem-free operation and extended range of workpiece material

Absolute Linear Encoders

Absolute linear encoders are fast and precise enough to keep up with an EAGLE laser. The optical “Resolute” linear encoders from Renishaw transmit continuous feedback concerning the exact position of the machine to the controller, even at maximum speed and with an accuracy of 1 nanometer.

Absolute linear encoders have no play, and provide extremely accurate movement. Nor is it necessary to home the machine after switching on. By measuring actual dynamic position of the machine during the cutting process, they provide full control of the cutting head. Like the optical linear motors, this system is also contactless, eliminating degradation and wear over time.

  • The frequency of 22kHz and high precision (accurate to 1 nanometer) provide the control system with very accurate and up-to-date information
  • Closed loop digital positional feedback at extreme speeds
  • No homing needed
  • The optical “Resolute” linear encoder from Renishaw is accurate to 1 nanometer.
  • This provides full control of dynamic machine movements
  • Wear-free and contactless


All EAGLE machines are equipped with top quality Beckhoff controllers and original EAGLE software.


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