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Consisting of a suite of outstanding applications, Libellula.CLAIM allows you to fully control all the phases of the creative process, converting ideas into technical drawings ready to be sent to the sheet metal working software. The editing of a product, as well as the design, thanks to Libellula.CLAIM, become moments of total boundless design for all those involved in development and planning.

In Libellula.CLAIM the creative spirit meets the most advanced computer technology, producing original results of absolute excellence.

The moments of the design and research of information are the result of a study to minimise the execution time in order to optimise the results, which materialise when the sheet metal project undergoes processing, thanks to the information sent to the cutting machine.

To the reduction of the execution times, in Libellula.CLAIM corresponds a schedule that looks to the product 360° through the creation of a single repository, implemented by custom modules and able to constantly interact with each other.

CAD 3D and PDM: design and storage in a suite

The suite of the Libellula Claim consists of CAD 3D and PDM software application. The power of solid 3D modeling with avant-garde and unique techniques, contained in CAD 3D, corresponds to the storage capacity of the PDM that preserves the documentary database, manages the projects and proposes to the user advanced search tools.

The suite can further be implemented with other modules. Among them you may find:

  • Catia V5 or JT Open translators
  • KeyShot: photorealistic rendering
  • DB slogan: data management

To these must be added the packages that include:

  • Parasolid, SolidWork and NX
  • Autodesk Inventor, Catia V4, Pro/Engineer and VDA

Extreme design

Libellula.CLAIM is configured as a powerful tool in the hands of every CAD developer. 3D CAD developed by Libellula allows programmers the greatest freedom from the constraints reducing the prepackaged software.
The advanced features allow each designer to develop innovative ideas and put them into production with the sheet metal cutting software, producing unique details of their kind. It will be possible, therefore, to maximise the potential of designers that work in the company, but also meet the needs of its customers by entering deeply into the software to cut complex shapes, executed extremely quickly thanks to the immediate generation of model support systems working in two-dimensional cross-sections.


  • Solid design in 3D with an immediate and intuitive system
  • Manage advanced details in a simple way
  • Create a centralised archive for documents and projects
  • Enable the advanced search


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