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Integration, control, automation: Libellula.Visio is the suite’s Libellula Universe software designed for the planning of all sheet metal working process that focuses, in an intuitive graphical interface, access to all the essential details of the procedures that take place in the company:  from the validation of the production to the management of the stock up to the Numerical Control of loading and unloading, order status and deadlines.

With Libellula.VISIO it is possible to obtain the total planning processes thanks to a system perfectly integrated with the mod.MANAGER, which sends to the software the queue of programming to be performed allowing the operator to leave the execution order unchanged, or to change the output priorities.

Through the graphical interface the operator can obtain all the information about the nesting process:

  • Nesting graphic and the required time for its completion;
  • the drawings of each particular nesting or icon;
  • information such as the weight, quantity, order number and customer with respect to each particular program;

Software allows the user to generate stickers for individual product and the material used for its realization.

Production Validation: maximum automation, minimum intervention

In the context of time optimization, Libellula.VISIO arises as great supervisor also in the time of production and validation. At the end of the cycle, the operator must do no more than provide the system with information about the presence or absence of defective parts and data, concerning the quality of the products realised: in the first case it will be Libellula.Visio to manage automatically the implementation of new icons,and in the second, the software will store the data that are going to implement the historical indispensable to ensure the improvement of the quality of production.

Warehouse management: real-time monitoring

The sheet metal present in the warehouse and necessary to the execution of the nesting  processes is monitored by Libellula.Visio that, by virtue of its integrated system, accesses to the warehouse and moves the sheet in real time, recording immediately and constantly this procedure.

In this way it is always possible to have the precise calculation of the actual stocks of metal sheets available, as well as the quantity of scrap usable for subsequent working.

Numerical Control: the essence of automation

The software may automatically interface to the Numerical Control without user interaction, and detect in autonomy which is the program in execution and the work schedules as well as the specific conditions of each machine. Once detected, the data are sent to the central system.

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