Thanks to the connection with the production department, mod. Manager works in close connection with the workshop, which is fully integrated with the technical department of the company.

The system allows to manage and monitor in real time the workload set for each single machine, routing dynamically the various processes, and to manage in a flexible and intuitive way each machine.

Management of processing queues for each machine: extreme optimisation

Among the main features of the mod.MANAGER there is its ability to manage all the load flows which make reference to the processing queues in the workshop.

The software is designed to optimise the flow of production of every single machine tool, maximising results and optimising the cost management.

Technical office and Mod.MANAGER: a successful integration

In integration between Manager and Libellula.Visio also allows the technical office to constantly monitor the productive paths; by virtue of that synergy it is possible to automatically retrieve data on individual machines and transferring real-time data to the operator.

Through the integrated system generated by mod.MANAGER, the software is able to suggest productive and alternative routes available.

Thus, the technical office can evaluate whether to feed single workshop or a single machine, or select all work centres that are compatible with the production of the same detail and only at the moment of execution, select the machine from among those available.


Mod.MANAGER was created to streamline procedures for the implementation in the production.

Among its features are found:

  • Change at any moment and in real time the processing queue
  • Organising the sorting of the queues between the available work centres
  • View in real time the work in progress and those in the queue
  • Manage the launch of production of multiple tasks on multiple compatible machines
  • Filter and organise the successive processing
  • Balance the resources due to the overall vision of the machines available for a given job

Functionality and automation integrated to the management service planned for your company: that is mod.MANAGER, Libellula.

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