The interaction and integration of the Libellula Universe does not only involve the Libellula Cut automatic software, but also the software ERPand MRP management software used, vital in the correct operation of each company.

If the management software tries to make routine operations smoother within an industrial system, mod.Bridge leads to a totally new form of communication between the CAM database produced by Libellula and those resources already present in the company’s system.

To make the continuous transfer possible and always updated data flow to an ERP interface with CAM and to the MRP interface with CAM, mod.BRIDGE is precise software developed by the Libellula engineers and analysts, signed Libellula Universe.

The system has a flexible architecture capable of transferring the Watcher of the Mod.BRIDGE input, icons, customer orders, the list of customers, suppliers, articles and designed geometry, the amount of metal sheet and in particular stock inventor, and all the information in the ERP interface. From here, the data sent to mod.BRIDGE are transferred to the CAM database, which makes all the information available to STORAGE and ORDER modules, as well as laser cutting software for nesting procedures.

The process is fluid and can develop even in the opposite direction: from the database CAM data as icons and their premieres, layout and nesting preview, timing of cutting, amount of manufactured products and amount of scraps owned, are transferred to the mod.BRIDGE which reinserts them into the interface ERP or MRP.

All mod.BRIDGE input and output files are in normal XML format.


Maximum output and timing

  • Versatile and intuitive system
  • Automatic removal of possible redundant data
  • Avoids human errors interference
  • Clear errors in the production chain
  • Optimization of development times
  • Efficiency in job order management and time management
  • Accurate processing of quotes
  • The possibility of interconnecting the ERP/MRP systems
  • Communication between the management of accounting and the CAM system for a comprehensive management control

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