PDF for Libellula.STOCKER

Manage the warehouse sheets in a completely automated manner and in real time thanks to a channel that communicates with the rest of the management system: this is Libellula.STOCKER, one of the software of the Libellula Universe suite.

Among the tasks that a user can manage through the Libellula.STOCKER system there are:

  • Automatic handling of sheets;
  • Programming of towers and stock movements;
  • Starting cuts at night;
  • Controling several machines simultaneously and provide update material stocks.

Libellula.STOCKER represents the direct connection between the job queue and the warehouse, ensuring automated supply of sheets that are loaded and unloaded on the fleet. The database, which constitutes the true core of the system as it contains the full plates locations within the warehouse, enables Libellula.STOCKER to promptly find the site where the materials indispensable to start processing are located and send them to the cutting machines. This procedure can be finalised without any garrison at the machine.

Shelf towers and fully programmable movements

Each operator can manually invoke the shelves on the different configurable towers. In addition, to intuitively select the necessary shelves, the operator can change their location and update, in a few clicks, the new position of the warehouse within the database, to have  maximum control of materials and stocks.

Integration with Storage and Technical Office

Like any Libellula software, mod.STOCKER also integrates and interacts with the operating systems in other areas, making an updated service in real time.  Each time a process has been completed or a batch of sheets has been taken over by Libellula.VISIO to be sent to the cutting stations, STOCKER will automatically update the situation of the centralized inventory, which in turn will share the data with Libellula’s mod.STORAGE.  Thanks to this continuous flow of information, the workshop and the  technical department are always connected and can provide optimal, efficient and realistic planning.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS is designed to connect the job queue and automate the loading and unloading of the production, but not only this:

With STORAGE you can also:

  • Provide the updated material stock
  • Program several machines simultaneously
  • Timing the night cutting unattended in the machine
  • Configure independently shelfs and towers
  • Editable locations and possibility of manual handling

With the mod.Storage from Libellula, warehouse management automates all and has the advantage of maximizing the productivity and profitability of the company.

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