Additional extension Libellula.CUT, the QUALITY module can be defined as the most careful and accurate supervisor that a company could want.

Thanks to its integrated system, mod.QUALITY allows the operator to define upstream parameters that each process must meet to be considered eligible

On the basis of the parameters set, mod.QUALITY passes to sieve the production parameters programmed by Libellula.CUT and only if they are consistent with those set by the operator, the module sends them to mod.MANAGER, which transmits them to turn to cutting programs for the actual machining.

The assessments made by the mod.QUALITY touch on various areas: from the quantity of scrap resulting to cutting paths up to managing collisions, allowing to obtain at any moment the desired results.

Each scrap under total control

Scrap is analyzed by mod.QUALITY: the first software verification relates to the amount of waste that will be produced during the nesting process and their compatibility with the forecasts of the operator. Mod.QUALITY allows you to start the cutting operation for nestings where scraps fall within the limits imposed by the user.

In this phase, the software also assesses that the production parameters indicated do not give way to the subsequent technological problems.

Critical nesting: opportunities offered by mod.Quality

When the QUALITY module identifies particular problems in nesting compared to the operator pre set parameters, there are two possibilities: the first is the cancellation by the user of the nesting process and submission of specific products to mod.ORDER, which, in turn, puts them in the next production to get reprocessed and meet the established criteria; in the second case, in which the critical issues are rather unmanageable by requiring software then operator intervention, they are stored in a list of nesting programming which will be  manually verified by the operator.


Pre-Nesting and Post Processor fully tested

The fundamental characteristic of the mod.Quality is its ability to test every detail of the processes of pre-nesting and Postprocessor.

To be screened are the quantities and revenues of scraps, profiles and unprocessed working due to collisions, to which is applied an automatic correction.

Collisions management

The management of collisions, in terms of lead-in/-out, or head high/low, is one of the features of the software, which is added to the verification of the execution times by machines available and the selection of the fastest machine.

Maximum efficiency in the shortest time

Entrust the monitoring and evaluation of the cutting paths and results Postprocessor to mod.Quality means to obtain the maximum result in the shortest possible time, philosophy of all Libellula Univers software suite.

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